30-Minute Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Course™
If you're running a Non-Profit Organization or plan to have help obtaining sponsorship, you NEED a Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Document. Learn how this 1 document can help you stay on Mr. IRS' good side.

Course Description
Sponsorship P&P Welcome
Welcome Module One 3 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Two
Sponsorship P&P Module Two 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Three
Sponsorship P&P Module Three 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Four
Sponsorship P&P Module Four 6 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Five
Sponsorship P&P Module Five 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Six
Sponsorship P&P Module Six 9 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Seven
Sponsorship P&P Module Seven 6 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Conclusion
Sponsorship P&P Conclusion 4 Minutes
Sponsorship Policies Procedures : The investment for the Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Course is - One Payment of $297 $297.00 Order

Quiana Murray

I’m Quiana Murray, Sponsorship Strategist & Business Transformation Expert. I’ve spent over 2 decades teaching entrepreneurs like you how to get more money, freedom, and live your dream life. As a female entrepreneur who left the comfy-cushion of corporate America and started my own business from scratch, yes without a loan, without the “right” relationships, and without any real entrepreneurial expertise, I know how important it is to leverage relationships with corporations who have the dollars and desire to partner with influencers just like YOU. If you’re ready to get more income in your business... you know the type of income that will enable you to fully pursue your passions; this course will help you learn to build and leverage relationships to get the money, freedom, and success you want! Register now to get started today!

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