30-Minute Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Course
If you're running a Non-Profit Organization or plan to have help obtaining sponsorship, you NEED a Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Document. Learn how this 1 document can help you stay on Mr. IRS' good side.

Course Description
Sponsorship P&P Welcome
Welcome Module One 3 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Two
Sponsorship P&P Module Two 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Three
Sponsorship P&P Module Three 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Four
Sponsorship P&P Module Four 6 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Five
Sponsorship P&P Module Five 7 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Six
Sponsorship P&P Module Six 9 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Seven
Sponsorship P&P Module Seven 6 Minutes
Sponsorship P&P Module Conclusion
Sponsorship P&P Conclusion 4 Minutes
Sponsorship Policies Procedures : The investment for the Sponsorship Policies & Procedures Course is - One Payment of $297 $297.00 Order
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